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School of Public Administration • Lomonosov Moscow State University

School of Public Administration

The School of Public Administration was founded in 1993 and over the past 20 years it has proven to be one of the most dynamically developing schools of Moscow State University, bringing its own approach to the education process and providing a comprehensive system for training specialists in public administration.

SPA was established to address the very real and practical need of the Russian government for competent public servants. It was conceived as an organization capable of playing the same role in the public service sector as business schools play for the private sector: to turn out students capable of applying exceptional knowledge and skills in the management of people, resources and organizations to solve real-life problems in the public sector.

Many of the school’s graduate are now engaged in high-level positions in both public service and the private sector.

The school is a place for future public servants of various levels of government providing a classical university education based on a combination of fundamental and applied, systemic and situational approaches. A great emphasis is placed on ensuring that graduates have a level of command of their competencies that corresponds to the standards of the world’s top public administration schools. Moreover, the school also provides additional education programs for those already engaged in public service at the federal, regional and municipal level.

In order to ensure that its students receive a world class education, SPA is actively participating in the Bologna process. The school has also been actively developing exchange programs and its students have the opportunity to study at some of the top universities of France, the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, China and South Korea, among others.

Advanced knowledge of foreign languages is one of the competitive advantages of graduates of the School of Public Administration. The school’s study program covers not only conventional language interaction but also business English and intensive study of professional communication on matters concerning public administration.

Exact sciences are given an important place in the study program: since 2001 the school has had a department of mathematical methods in management. The School of Public Administration is also a member of the Microsoft IT Academy, which provides the opportunity for students to study specialized computer programs used in their target professions and receive the corresponding skill certification.